Dating a divorced mother with kids

The only thing you can really do is sit him down, and tell him all of that.Explain how hard it has been trying to fit into his life, and that it isn't just about you two.That true affection is there, and outwardly showing that he is there for you emotionally is important.Lastly, in the event that you reconcile, when it comes to how you are treated by the children, and how anything is handle with the house etc, you both need to be on the same exact page.Him leaving you behind to pick up his eldest daughter shows her that he condones her treatment of you and that it is proper, when it is rude and disrespectful.

The best way to talk to her is to be open straight forward and blunt.The younger daughter and myself get along beautifully, magical.While I love this man, I have found the way he deals with conflict and anger to be over the top.I have been dating a divorced man with kids, 7 and 13.

We met 3 months ago, I have been divorced 2 years, he has only been divorced 3 months. The biological mother does not have custody but she is involved off and on with the girls. While being on a limited budget, I have yet to be taken to dinner or anywhere else. The 13 year old girl clearly resents me being there and snubs me every chance she gets.

I tried to talk with him but his ego is so bruised he won't open up.