Petra nemcova and sean penn dating

Before you folks start calling and writing Němcová begging her for a date (and in turn getting a restraining order) there are a few things you should know about her.Petra Němcová was born on June 24, 1979, in former Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic).

No further information about the date is available, so it remains unclear if he was her boyfriend.Penn generally seems like a grumpy, chain-smoking old man and it’s hard to imagine what women see in him.He regularly talks smack about his career, his critics, anyone else involved in charity like he is and about politics, and he just strikes me as unpleasant.He’s been with Scarlett Johannson of course, and was also rumored to be dating Garcelle Beauvais, Charlize Theron, and a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model named Jessica White.