Podcast not updating on ipod

Under the new Library tab, you can easily browse all of the audio and video shows you’re subscribed to, as well as individual podcast episodes, ones that have been download to the device and the recently updated episodes of any shows you’re following.The Browse tab is your storefront to the Podcasts section on i Tunes.You can share podcasts to social media, via i Message, and more!You can share the podcast itself or individual episodes. One the face of it, the Apple Music inspired design doesn’t instill much confidence.

The Search tab now lets you choose between searching across podcasts in your library or all shows on i Tunes.To see your queue, go to the Now Playing screen, swipe up and get to the Up Next section. To delete a podcast episode from the queue, swipe left on it and tap on Remove. Is it good enough for you to ditch Overcast or Pocket Casts? You can just use standard play controls, like you would in Apple Music.When you’re already playing an episode and you find something else you want to play next, 3D Touch on the episode and select Play Next.