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What would you rather do-have a strategy to win the guy you want, or sit at the bar all night and wait for him to come to you?You can visit the Sirens website at visit Arden's blogs at and follow her on Twitter at @ardensirens.Ginevra Weasley has woken up in an alternate reality, but no one else seems to have noticed - not even her fiance.

Like the overweight woman who finally throws her hands up and starts a rigorous exercise program, or like the smoker who finally kicks her habit, you have to want this. That’s why you picked up this book in the first place. I wanted so badly to be like them that I performed a complete overhaul of my personality, not only on the outside (no more glasses, no more braces, better clothing, better makeup—the former two for which I have to credit my mom more than myself) but also, and more importantly, on the inside.For the DG Forum 2015 Fic Exchange - Winner of Most In Need of a Sequel."The peculiar sensation of ice against my skin now, so cold it felt like I was on fire, was like I was being branded as a punishment for yearning for the unattainable." For the DG Forum's 2015 Kris Kringle.Shaping your identity calls for impeccable self-awareness and rigorous discipline, but I cannot think of a task more worthy of such effort.

We cannot escape ourselves, so we had better arrange ourselves to our liking so that we are able to wake up and enjoy the person we see in the mirror each day.

The man you've been trying to talk to all night suddenly excuses himself. ARDEN LEIGH founded the fast-growing women's seduction coaching company Sirens, based in New York City, where she offers group lectures and individual coaching along with other coaches and guest speakers.