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Resources from a fantastic lecture by Pete Loader in Earth Science Week 2013 on the reality of Plate Tectonics for the people of Christchurch, New Zealand.Plate Tectonics Powerpoint Plate Tectonics Handout This is a very popular, simple geological map of the British Isles which is customisable.This activity is intended for pupils to deepen their understanding of igneous rocks.Building Stones - Igneous rocks Lesson plan on how rocks are used for all our meals from crockery to cutlery, and how minerals are present in many of the things we eat and drink.

This lesson demonstrates cross-cutting relationships and the age of rocks.There is also the White Beach that, as its name suggests, is a stretch of white sand beach just minutes southeast of the seaport. The clear, deep, blue waters (even during low tides) are excellent for swimming and diving.The Bomba Beach, located in barangay Bomba some 2 kilometers away from the city, is also a good area for swimming and fishing, with a bomba bridge and natural coral reefs. Many thanks to those shown above for the generous sharing of these great earth science teaching resources!!!!

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Create your own sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous chocolate.

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    Index fossils are useful in dating rock layers. Finding the Relative age of Rocks Essential Questions How do geologists determine the relative age of rocks?…