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In general, the British value time-keeping for business arrangements.

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Most notable is the tax avoidance of large online retailers and international chains exposed by the media in 2013.Genetically-modified (GM) food has become a major health and environmental issue in the UK.Some authorities argue that people still do not have enough knowledge about the way genes operate to be able to determine the potential long term effects of any modified crops.If a gift is received in public, it is advisable to open it immediately and express your gratitude to the giver.

Usually, the successful conclusion of negotiations presents an ideal opportunity for gift giving.

If, however, you are running more than a few minutes late, you should call ahead to apologise and give an indication of how long you will be; in the case of a longer delay that would compromise the value of attending the meeting, you should consider offering to postpone the meeting to a new time and/or day.