Updating a ceiling fan

The light bulbs need to be two to three inches from the shade, for safety reasons: But that also depends on the wattage of your bulbs – ours are 60 watt and we have a dimmer on this light. (And even though our shade is large enough, I had the light on full force for hours the first day, feeling to see how warm the shade was every ten minutes or so.) It was fine. :) It’s odd – it’s makes more of a statement than the glass shades, but I find I with drum shades (especially those trimmed out with lovely jute trim). I had large Goodwill drum shade I planned to use and it was the type with the wire circle at the top of the shade – the kind you have to use with harp. ) So I stood under the fan for about ten minutes, thinkin’ and a thinkin’.I noticed there was a little jobby on the bottom where the pull chain came out.Since I will be up there I am want to also run a new electrical line and replace the single wall switch making use of the multi switch / light fan.

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One more thing to consider is the size of your shade. I started to change out my ceiling fan and noticed the support brace is actually laying on the drywall and not firmly attached to a beam.I also noticed the new fan has a blue wire where the wiring in the ceiling box doesn't have a red wire.(I’m 5’9”, hubby is 5’11”.) Something else to consider is your lamp shade.