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Whenever possible, original captions are used and appear in quotation marks; however, no attempt was made to verify completely the accuracy of all the information included in these captions. Obvious errors and misspellings were corrected, but no effort was made to standardize identification of military ranks, which were cited by photographers in various ways. Air Force deployed B-52 bombers to Qatar on Saturday to join the fight against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, the first time they have been based in the Middle East since the end of the Gulf War in 1991. S.-led military exercise in Jordan in May 2015.'The B-52 demonstrates our continued resolve to apply persistent pressure on Daesh and defend the region in any future contingency,' said Air Force Lieutenant General Charles Brown, commander of U. 'Carpet-bombing would not be effective for the operation we're in because Daesh doesn't mass as large groups. We always look to minimize civilian casualties.' The U. Air Forces Central Command said it last flew the long-range bombers operationally in the region in May 2006 as part of the war in Afghanistan, and during a U. Lieutenant Colonel Chris Karns, spokesman for the Central Command, said he could not provide the exact number of B-52 bombers to be based at Al Udeid Air Basein Qatar due to 'operational security reasons.''Accuracy is critically important in this war,' he said.

Within an original caption, this additional material appears in brackets. If the photographers, artists, locations, or dates of the photograph were known, they also are listed. Base Definition: A base is a chemical species that donates electrons or hydroxide ions or that accepts protons.Types of Bases: Arrhenius base, Bronsted-Lowry base, Lewis base.Following all of this information in the caption are image identification numbers, which are printed in italics. "An MP on motorcycle stands ready to answer all calls around his area.

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111-SC-150980-B ( african_americans_wwii_007.jpg) 8. "Negro members of the 477th Antiaircraft Artillery, Air Warning Battalion, study maps in the operations section at Oro Bay, New Guinea." November 15, 1944.